Why John

Why John

Improving our Economy

A small business owner for over 30 years, John meets a payroll and signs the front of 50 paychecks every two weeks and understands the challenges facing North Carolina’s working families and job creators. He’s been focused on growing the state’s economy by reducing taxes on families and businesses, investing in education (more below) and incentives to attract new companies, promoting commuter rail and transit, protecting our natural resources and drinking water, and reducing bureaucratic rules and regulations that hurt entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Raising Teacher Pay

John knows great teachers are the key to helping our students succeed. He has worked with other legislators to raise teacher pay every year that he’s been in the Senate – bringing the average teacher salary over $50,000 for the first time in state history – without a single tax increase. He has advocated raising pay for principals and other school personnel and helped secure bonuses for teachers who have helped students learn to read. John knows there’s more work to do, and he’ll keep fighting to pay teachers what they deserve.

Investing in our Schools

John knows our schools are our greatest asset, and an educated workforce is critical to our state’s long-term success. He has helped invest over one billion state dollars in our schools since he has been elected to the State Senate. He has worked to reduce class sizes and to secure funding for textbooks and other educational needs.

Reducing Taxes and Balancing the Budget

John approaches the state budget the same way he runs his business and his family budget: with fiscal responsibility and common sense. He has worked to balance the state budget in each of the past four years – turning a massive deficit into annual surpluses, without raising taxes. He helped the state save over $2 billion dollars in a reserve fund that will prevent deep budget cuts in future recessions, and helped the state pay off over $2.5 billion dollars in unemployment insurance debt.